Welcome to NY Image Consultant Academy!

We are North America’s premier provider of image consulting, etiquette coaching, fashion styling, and image consultant training.

Based in the fashion and financial capital of the world (New York City), the Academy has a dual mission: first, to help individuals upgrade their visual identity in order to increase confidence, and second, to train talented tastemakers and stylists how to become successful image consultants.

Working with professional women and men ages 35 and up, NY Image Consultant Academy prides itself on bringing more than 60 years of combined fashion, retail, and image consulting expertise to each client meeting and training… [More]

“With our specially-designed process, we upgrade your image and life to help you turn “outfits” into “wardrobe strategies” that land business and make your point – before you’ve even said a word.”

Want to be an Image Consultant?

NY Image Consultant Academy trainers combine more than two decades of etiquette, fashion, and image consulting experience to deliver one of the most efficient and professional training programs in the industry. The team provides the professional… [more]

Looking for an Image Consultant?

According to personality and lifestyle, we offer our expertise to clients for a one-stop complete image upgrade. By using our personalized system, we analyze and assess specific areas of image, identify critical needs and work exclusively towards complete solutions to Create a visual identity that open doors for you… [more]

Tools and Resources for Building Your Professional Image

Need our help, insight or advice on building your professional image and increasing your credibility? Try these resources!

Invest In Your Team, and Yourself!

Your business spends a good deal of resources creating valuable products and services. A successful business will go one step further by investing in their employees and helping them to upgrade their image. At NY Image Consultant Academy, we help individuals and companies create a positive and respectful image while projecting confidence and authority. We pride ourselves on helping students out-class their competition.

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